Carter "Cutter" Lucien

Combat Medic Assigned to the 5th Crucible of the Omnissiah Voidstalkers




When Carter filled out his recruitment form, he described himself as a “hands-on learner” who would rather try it out first, then read the instructions later. Unfortunately for the fighting men and women of the Voidstalkers, based off of that information the staff sergeant decided to have him closing wounds rather than handling explosives. This dubious decision was made all the more questionable when he was assigned to the 5th crucible. When Sgt. Lex handed him a meltabomb, she wasn’t pleased to hear “Right. One second… I think I know how this works” followed by the immediate pressing, turning, and pulling of every activation rune he could get his hands on.

At first wide-eyed fun-loving, the shock of battle on the planetary scale and the weight of patient deaths and grievous injuries took a heavy toll on him. Through the first several missions, the only thing that kept Cutter marching was the threat of his Sergeant. The only thing that kept him operating was the weight of guilt he felt for the number of guard who wouldn’t even live through triage. Since serving under the Crucible however, Cutter has aged terribly and his humour has become insensitive and dark.

Most cite his abrupt greying as having occurred during the purging of a Hrud Juunlak uncovered on a non-compliant Agriworld. He had grappled one of the beings to prevent their escape, and it turned its horrible gaze upon him. His squad watched as his arms were sapped of much of their strength and his hands wrinkled. He could be heard arguing with nothing, then in utter shock, he relaxed his grip, and the creature fled the battle. He hasn’t aged a day past his weathered form since.

In the aftermath, he’s taken a devil-may-care attitude to mundane horror that has served him surprisingly well in his medical practice. His squadmates have watched him carry on light conversation over the vox as he amputated limbs and sutured arteries. Many of his patients interpret it as immaculate bedside manner, but some of his closer friends are beginning to think that he simply doesn’t care. When queried about whether he needs some R&R, he tends to reply with some variant of “I’m fine, just keep me away from the weird shit alright?”. He hasn’t as yet offered insight as to what the “weird shit” is.

Carter "Cutter" Lucien

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